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"It's never too late to become what you might have been." George Eliot

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

le burger

 Sometimes things are just exciting and making a good burger is one of them.  So, I used this recipe from Gourmet Girl's blog and adapted it to make hamburger buns!  Oh, the small things in life...

They crumbled a bit, but were definitely buns you could hold in your hands (ha!).  

This is like bread y'all...

I know, I know, the idea is not to pine for all the grainy things of days gone by...(what?!) I don't really want to get into making substitutes - mainly because it's not usually a great substitute, but these...these are keepers...

I'd better go before I say something even worse.... 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

pizza and philosophy

 Lunch today was this yum recipe from Gourmet Girl.

I'm happy to cautiously report that I have begun to lose weight - I'd estimate about 10 lbs. since eliminating wheat from my diet - about 1.5 months ago.  Now, 10 lbs. on a significantly overweight individual goes quite unnoticed and so I've quietly been enjoying the way my clothes are beginning to fit more comfortably.  I'm still affected by my lifelong habit of reaching for food mindlessly, but I am finding it to be much less satisfying. Without the addictive wheat-based foods, I no longer feel compelled to eat just to...well, eat.

It's a learning process, though, and it's not always smooth-going.  We've indulged in pad thai a couple of times and both times I've eaten too many rice noodles and regretted it...

Having lived most of my life as an overweight person, I believe I can develop a way of describing what that's like - you know, how it feels. Superficially, I think overweight women pay more for clothes because it's much more difficult to spend time looking for affordable clothes.  I often shop in desperation and will settle for what looks the least bad.

I will write more about this.  At the moment, 8 year old girl is on the couch talking up a storm.  She's sick, my poor darling, but that hasn't affected her ability to talk...and talk....She was just speculating about all of the other activities going on in the world right now....and then she said, 'and then, if you look really closely there is a little girl on a couch who is not feeling well....'

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

in check

 It's supposed to be a crustless pumpkin pie.  It turned out to be much like a pudding (partly because I don't own a pie plate and put it into a small cake pan).  I think since eliminating wheat from my diet, my taste buds have become more sensitive and I'd been craving pumpkin for some bizarre reason.  It has to do with enjoying food more - I imagine that's because the urgency to eat and the tendency to overeat are vastly diminished.  

It's good.  I ate two small bowls of pie yesterday evening and really appreciated the texture and taste sensation (did I just say, 'taste sensation'?).  Pumpkin, full-fat coconut milk, coconut flour (just a touch), eggs, spices, and coconut palm sugar (not ideal, but....) - baked for about an hour...  

So, we've been eating so-so...

Thursday we went out for Thai..I had the Cashew Chicken without the noodles - can't be sure the sauce was completely wheat-free, but....

Friday for supper we were invited to my sister's house - salmon, salad, and veggies - red wine, of course...I brought a butternut squash and apple soup thickened with full-fat coconut milk.  

Saturday evening we had pork tenderloin with a cauliflower mash and a veggie stir fry...white white, of course.   

Sunday my mom wanted to order pizza and she very kindly ordered one for us with a gluten free crust - it was really good, even though I know there are other starches in the crust.  

Last night we had a thick meat sauce with shirataki noodles - soothing and filling.     

I haven't noticed much weight loss, but I'm so happy in the knowledge that we're eating really nutritious food.  I'm starting to relax into this new way of eating and I'm not fussing to create huge inventive meals  - no time, sadly.  I'm also trying to steer away from replacing wheat favourites with the alternatives - I want to focus on real, unprocessed food - veggies, meats, fruit, and eggs.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

at a loss for

I've been thinking about a career change.  It is occasionally a bunch of fun to write a sentence to see how it looks all laid out grammatically.  

A career change is something I could consider at this moment in time.  

Indeed, she contemplated a career change.  Unfortunately, she was a woman who lacked natural talent.  

It would, of course, be irresponsible not to work.  The family unit would suffer and she simply could not bear the guilt.  It is highly unlikely that the job is the actual problem.  The job is not the problem in her life.  Her life will not be miraculously more happy should she stop working.   

Yes, writing in the third person singular is an effective tool for creating distance between the writer and reader.  

She's quite forgotten that the intent of this "blog" was to focus on health. 

I should stop now.  Stop. 


Saturday, October 27, 2012

feeling better 2

 I am not a professional blogger and so my pictures are all mixed up.  

I`m feeling a bit better - at least, my appetite seems to have returned!  

Last night we ordered Pad Thai and I know rice noodles are not acceptable under a strictly low carb plan (like the one I purport to follow); however, it was a celebration of all things yummy and good health.  It was listed as `gluten free`on the menu, and it was scrumptious.  

This morning we went to the market and the find of the day, for me, was this fruit.  It was all organic and you paid by the pound.  Again, I know that fruit is to be eaten in moderation, but this looked too good to pass, oldest girl loves her fruit.  

For supper tonight , I made a butternut squash casserole adapted from this recipe.  I used organic Swiss cheese, and it was SO GOOD.  I guess I must be feeling better due to ravenousness (that at PMS).  And when I say `ravenous`, it really does not equal actual hunger - just a happy looking forward to yummy food.  

steamed squash first and then sauteed with onion in butter 

Almost ready to pop in the oven..(not sure where finished product picture is)

sprinkled with topping and ready to go...