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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

best thing since sliced bread

I have not been photographing  my food for the past few days.  

Last night, I made moussaka for the second time and, well, the pictures would have been awfully similar to my last ones.  We had Swiss chard with it and it was so delicious...

The initial novelty of adopting a wheat free diet is slowly fading..thankfully.  I felt extraordinarily compelled to read everything that I could and it was easily taking up far too much of my time (did I mention I'm not great at moderation?). 

It's clear people think: a) we've lost our minds, and b) it's a phase.   I can't speak to the validity of either claim and I suppose only time will tell.  However, it feels like more.  I refuse to be militant about this - I'm not well-versed in the science of it all, and that sort of fight has left me.  I grew up addicted to food.  I grew up addicted to wheat-based foods.  I've spent years and years battling with my weight - and wheat is partly to blame.  

As I said, not a scientist here, but:

1) Crackers, pasta, bread, cake, cookies, chips etc.  make you hungry.  It's almost impossible to feel full after eating these foods.   I can only assume that some people are better able to control the urge to eat more and more of these foods - not I.   

2) Replacing wheat with real food opens up the door to the rich and tasty! Cheese, meats, greens, nuts, butter (!) name a few.  It's practically impossible NOT to feel full after eating these foods. 

3) My preoccupation with food is lessening by the day.  While I continue to appreciate delicious food, I'm worrying less about managing hunger.  I am beginning to realize that I simply won't be hungry...until it's time to eat; therefore, 

4)..snacks are not necessary.  

I know we use food for comfort - it's pleasurable and therefore we use it to soothe ourselves. But food has a far greater purpose which is simply to nourish our bodies and sustain our good health.  

So on that note, I must re-emerge into the real world.  I enjoyed two pieces of leftover moussaka for lunch and now I'm sipping green tea.  Tonight we're having the coconut crusted chicken with cauliflower mash.  I'll post pictures for y'all.  


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