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Sunday, November 11, 2012

pizza and philosophy

 Lunch today was this yum recipe from Gourmet Girl.

I'm happy to cautiously report that I have begun to lose weight - I'd estimate about 10 lbs. since eliminating wheat from my diet - about 1.5 months ago.  Now, 10 lbs. on a significantly overweight individual goes quite unnoticed and so I've quietly been enjoying the way my clothes are beginning to fit more comfortably.  I'm still affected by my lifelong habit of reaching for food mindlessly, but I am finding it to be much less satisfying. Without the addictive wheat-based foods, I no longer feel compelled to eat just to...well, eat.

It's a learning process, though, and it's not always smooth-going.  We've indulged in pad thai a couple of times and both times I've eaten too many rice noodles and regretted it...

Having lived most of my life as an overweight person, I believe I can develop a way of describing what that's like - you know, how it feels. Superficially, I think overweight women pay more for clothes because it's much more difficult to spend time looking for affordable clothes.  I often shop in desperation and will settle for what looks the least bad.

I will write more about this.  At the moment, 8 year old girl is on the couch talking up a storm.  She's sick, my poor darling, but that hasn't affected her ability to talk...and talk....She was just speculating about all of the other activities going on in the world right now....and then she said, 'and then, if you look really closely there is a little girl on a couch who is not feeling well....'

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  1. Hello Kare,

    Just found your blog today via Gourmet Girl Cooks. I started eating wheat-free almost 2 years ago, taking a 10-week course that I described a bit in a comment on Gourmet Girl Cooks, and I was amazed to lose the inches around my waist and hips (no other measurements were taken other than weight) and lost about 10 pounds in 10 weeks but lost many inches and was able to fit back into the clothing I couldn't wear for several years. I thought I'd just hit that age and wouldn't be able to again, for trying my usual low-fat stuff just didn't work. It scared me to eat so much fat, but I decided I had to give it a real try, and I was thrilled.

    This 10-week program, Life Watchers that is only available in southern Ontario is now finally available in book form, "Discover The Power Of Food" by Janet Jacks. Available at Goodness Me Natural Food Stores, see the link-- I've bought 3 copies and plan to buy a 4th to give to another friend. It contains 100 recipes, and those start on page 300, the book is full of great information that was life-changing for me. I'm looking forward to continuing to follow your blog, and hopefully we will both become healthier eating this way long-term. I'm hoping to start my own blog on my crafting--card-making, as well as eating healthy and coping with some health challenges. It's a goal...

    Best wishes to you, Joanne